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History of the Realm

Not much is known of the times before the Breaking. It is said that magic was at its pinnacle and society was peaceful and prosperous.

Unfortunately, the most powerful heroes in the world decided that they would close off all access to creatures from the Netherworld by destroying the Dark One.  They almost succeeded, and did seal off the Netherworld (and the Fey world with it), but in retaliation, the Dark One struck those who dared attack him with a madness. The most powerful heroes destroyed society to the point where all technology was lost.

Since then, society has struggled to rebuild, and even with the Netherworld shut out, the agents of the Dark one still work to bridge the gap between the lands again.

0-20 The Breaking

490 The first Dreadlord arises. Powerful and mad he claims to be given power by the Dark One himself. His followers lead a brutal campaign across the lands to subjugate all of humanity.

500 Arthas becomes the first High King when he unites the human tribes to defeat the first Dreadlord.  and brings back civilization to the lands. A time of peace brings back some of the glory of the last age. The dwarves help him build his capital (Camlyn) in the Misty Mountains.

750 The Watchtower and Guardian Academy are built (with the help of the dwarves) from the ruins of a pre-breaking city.  It soon rivals Camlyn as the center of civilization.

1000 The Goblins have been breeding in the mountains past the human lands, and now declare war in the name of the Dark One. Several more humans (and some non-humans) declare themselves as Dreadlords and lead the armies.

1100 Camlyn is destroyed by the goblins after the king is betrayed by his mad advisor.  With the death of the current king, the Watch Tower is left to rally mankind.

1200 With the Watch Tower under siege, a southern lord/general forms the ‘Children of the Light' to combat the goblins.

1300 The goblin armies are pushed back over the mountains, but humanity is once again in ruins.

1300 The ‘Children of the Light' blame the Tower (and wizards/warlocks mostly) for the fall of Camlyn and break all ties with the Watch Tower.

1300-1500 The great cities of man are built. Lumière, Vatica, Spayn, and Venesia. The Borderlands to the north become a strong force and defend the lands from the goblins.

1500 A traveler from a small town on the southern coast travels east and discovers a land route to Arabia. The town prospers and becomes known as Arad.

1500-1700 The three kingdoms have occasional skirmishes as they each try to gain control over the midlands. Vatica is controlled by the Children of the Light, but has no more ambition for land. Instead it increases its political influence over Spayn and Venesia.

1712 The Sea Folk and open trade between the 4 continents.

1980 The Queen of Lumiere goes mad and dies with no heir. The Succession wars only last three years, but are very bloody. The new queen has little control outside her capital city.


The Lands

The Borderlands

 Hearty northerners who keep the lands safe from the Goblin Horde. (Think of Beowulf).


The Watchtower

Splendid city that houses the Watch Tower and the Guardian Academy.  (Think Disney castles)




A City of Culture. Full of political intrigue and decadence. (Think of France and the movie "Queen Margot")

Men normally do not wear beards, and dress with many different colors. Skin and hair complexion varies since the central location of the land can bring a mix of northern or southern blood.




A city that has been flooded. (Think of Venice and the movie "Dangerous Beauty")


A powerful city that hates arcane heroes. The nobility rule with an iron fist. (Think of the Spanish Conquistadors, and the Spanish from the movie Elizibeth 2).

Dress in black with neck ruffles. Normally with dark hair and short beards. Tan complexion.


Not officially a country, but the midlanders control the access to the only bridge leading to the fertile fields in the Valley of Shadows. They have been protected on all sides for so long that some say they have gotten soft. The Halflings live in the Midlands in their own community.



The westlanders had been isolated from the rest of the population by geography until the Sea Folk have opened up trade routes to their independent cities. Each town has its own influences and customs. The largest town (Westgate) has a large port and is the first stopping place for trade from the Orient.


A city/state that controls the only land route from Arabia.  

Misty Mountain Home

Home of the Dwarves. The halls have never fallen since the breaking. They have kept better records of the times before the breaking and have better technology than the humans. They keep themselves secluded.


Home of the "Children of the Light" religious organization. They hate Arcane casters and have close ties with Spayn. They search the lands looking for Darkfriends. (Think of the Vatican full of crusaders)


Other Continents

Little is known about the lands outside the mainland.

The Sea Folk have a network of islands and have the only ships capable of traveling between the continents. (Think Philippines)

Arabia is to the east, and its northern borders are controlled by nomads who are a buffer between them and the goblin lands. (Think Arabian Nights, Aladdin, India)


Afrik is a continent to the south. The lands are wild and dangerous and the mad ones are out of control. (Think tribal Africa)

The Orient is to the West. (Think Feudal China. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)


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