Awakening World

Start of the Adventure
*The Spring Festival*

The spring festival is around the corner. On a practical note, this is when the townspeople and nearby farms are able to come and resupply for this season.
There are also annual performances and tournaments. There will be events held for pie eating, archery, staff fighting, performance, greased pig catching, and debate. If any character has an idea for a new annual tournament they can ask the town council if they will sponsor it.
There will also be maypole type of dance for those of marrying age. This is also the day that orphans celebrate their birthday.
A representative of the Watchtower shows up every year to test for heroes and adepts. The same representative is back every year and his name is Cedric la’Rose. He was a cousin of the previous queen, but did not take part in the Succession Wars. His family once owned the Quarry Keep, but he spent little time here as a kid. Many hopefuls will see if they have that special spark that would allow them to train at the Guardian Academy.
The current owner of the Quarry Keep will also make his annual appearance. Lord Byron is the Captain-General of the Queen’s Guard and will take any petitions back to the queen. He will also be re-supplying the keep.


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