Campaign: Awakening World

The year is 1995 AB (After the Breaking)

Humans are the dominant race. You can make them with the variant human rules if you prefer. No Fey creatures/races (Elf, or forest gnome) till campaign starts. While some Fey have been trapped in these lands when the Feylands were cut off, they have not been able to leave areas with higher magical energy (called Sanctuaries) since the breaking. Many dragonborn live in the Fey realms because of their magical nature. They were suffering the same symptoms as fey creatures after the Breaking. An event at the beginning of the campaign will allow for more freedom of movement for fey and shadow creatures.

Half elf are very rare, but they can travel outside the fey sanctuaries without much issue. Most humans would not even realize that the half elf was not a human because many don’t believe that elves are anything besides a story.

Tieflings were not welcome in the Feywild, so some found a way to escape to the Shadowfel in the early days of the breaking. Those that remained had to seclude themselves to places where the Shafowfel still spilled over (Corrupted Lands). The largest known area is in the deserts to the east. A player who would want to play a Tiefling should work with the DM to see how they can operate outside of an Infested area.

Dwarves (mountain) live in a secluded underground area of the Mountains of Mists. They used to build cities for the humans, but are a rare site these days. Some dwarves who are outcast (hill dwarves) may be wandering the lands. A second, more savage, clan of dwarves live near the Borderlands.

Rock gnomes live with the dwarves and there are also some that travel on the surface as exiled gypsies (the Tinkers) who wander the lands fixing items for townsfolk.

Most halflings (stout) live in a small community in the Two River Valley. There are wild Halflings (lightfoot) in the Dragon Tooth Mountains that live in the ruins of an ancient city.

Half-orc is not a possibility in this world because orcs do not breed like humans. Anyone wanting to play with half-orc stats and be an ugly human or Northerner.

Other races should check with the DM to see how we can work them into the world.

Ability scores
Use the standard array (15,14,13,12,10,8) or point buy (see Players Handbook).

To help make sure your race/class combo works you can move a +1 racial modifier from a skill you don’t need to a skill you want (as long as the ability does not already have a racial bonus).

If not mentioned, then there are no restrictions on the class (or the class was not available when I wrote this).

No Divine power source (Cleric/Paladin) till the campaign starts. The classes can be chosen, but there will be no spells/divine abilities available until a certain event. The Creator or The Dark One can grant spells.

In the western areas of the lands the town of Westgate has brought people from the Orient who have brought monasteries for martial arts. No known monasteries on the mainlands have access to the fighting monk abilities.

Wizards are very rare. Studying magic is outlawed (under punishment of death) in the southern regions. They may no distinction between sorcerers, warlocks, arcane tricksters, bards, or anyone they may see casting a spell.

The only Fiend warlocks before the campaign starts are servants of the Dark One. Fiend and Fey warlocks have the same spell restrictions as the divine casters because their powers come from beings that are not able (or willing) to touch this world. Great Old One warlocks are not well known in the world, but there are still stories about them.

Notes on Player/NPC levels
Any character that goes over level 10 will go mad. The Watchtower has been created to hunt down madmen before they do any harm. They also try to bring all adventurers to the Guardian Academy for training (and monitoring).

The only know Gods are the Creator and the Dark One. Tribal people have been know to worship nature spirits.

Few people have been able to create new magic items since the breaking. Most magic items are left over from the previous age.

Rituals and alchemy are used to keep people healthy and simplify their lives. Even a poor farmer may have a heatless lamp, clean teeth, and an outhouse that does not stink.

Heroes Blood
The player characters are of Heroes Blood. Why some are born like this is a mystery. Some say it’s a gift of the Creator, but many heroes have been less than honorable if not pawns of the Dark One. Heroic Blood does follow bloodlines, so that is how some rulers claim hereditary right to rule.

Those of Heroes Blood are capable of feats beyond that of normal men. They heal faster, and almost never get sick. They live longer and stay strong and healthy till the end of their years.
Heroes can gain abilities faster than those who have to study/practice in order to advance.
While some born with Heroic Blood may not even realize it, many of the Blood become powerful leaders in the lands. If those of the Blood do not seek adventure, it has a way of finding them anyway. Some say that heroes have been blessed by the Creator and are meant to keep the world in order.

Others who can gain levels with training and hard work are called adepts. They don’t gain all of the abilities of a Hero, but they can still become quite powerful in their own right.

Quarry Keep in spring 1 The Setting

Quarry Watch
The town is in the center of vast farmlands in the Two-River Valley. Some of the best wines in the lands come from vineyards in this area. It’s a peaceful land in the central regions of the continent.

The area was once the center of civilization, but it bore the brunt of the attack in the Goblin Wars. Ruins still dot the landscape, but few locals know the history past a couple generations.

The town is more of a collection of buildings than a real town. The structures are made of stone left over from when there was an active quarry hundreds of years ago.

Main Buildings/features
Trade post- A large building with stalls used to organize the harvest when it comes in. It also doubles as a town meeting hall when needed.
Sunrise Inn – The only inn in town. Nothing fancy, but well run and clean. Willy Toots and his family run it.
Healers Home – It has a small infirmary. The current healer is a portly older halfling named Wren who is well trained in herbs and healing rituals.
Stone circle- No one knows what they are there for, or how long they have stood. Some say they date back to the Age of Legend.
Blacksmith – The smith Osgood is not much of a weapon maker. He can repair/sharpen items, or make simple weapons if needed.
Quarry Keep- It once guarded the road to the quarry, but it has seen little real use since a landslide closed the only route into the mountains. The former lord owners were penniless even before they ended up on the wrong side of the Succession Wars. Now it is being used to house retired officers and servants from Lumiere as well as orphans from the same war. Lord Byron is the official owner now, but he visits just once a year.

Players Role in the town
If you want an idea of what your character is doing in the town you can consider the following jobs.
Child – If you are a local you can help your parents with whatever their specialty is. Many families have also taken in orphans from the Succession war. Orphans without families can be found in the keep. The older ones may continue to live there if they work as a nurse, cook, or gardener.
The following townspeople could use an apprentice or assistant: Smith, Healer, tradesman, innkeeper, winemaker, fletcher, or horse breeder.
Any Fey characters (and dragonborn or tiefling) are not there yet, but all others should be locals or have been in the town for at least a year. This will make the characters eligible for the annual festival games.
You also may be someone that is just traveling to the town for the festival.
Any fey, dragonborn, or tiefling will have a special event that will bring them into the world.

Start of the Adventure
Our story starts just before the annual Spring Festival in the town of Emond’s Field.
Gear can be purchased, but keep in mind that the characters are not yet the standard adventurer types. If you pick something that does not fit with where the character is at the start just let the DM know and the items you want can be ‘found’ at an appropriate time.

Awakening World